Viagra – the Drug of Choice

Viagra is a wonder drug helping men achieve a longer erection. Besides the basic functionality, there are other proven benefits too. It helps in reduction of blood pressure. It helps consumers to experience a sense of satisfaction during and after sexual intercourse. Recently more and more benefits are being discovered.

Viagra (sidenafil) has emerged as a single most important requirement for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). A comfortable sex life is a dream of many and this drug helps guys to achieve that. These medicines are available in various forms: tablets, fizz, jelly capsules are few of the options. Sexual life is mostly affected by stress and work pressure, sometimes due to fear of performance or misunderstandings. The number of males suffering from ED is always on the rise. There is no need to worry of this disease anymore. It can be treated.pills online viagra

A positive outlook

Patients often report of many benefits of using the drug. A report by PubMed Health states that sildenafil is extremely useful in treating ED and maintaining longer erections. It works by promoting healthy blood circulation to the male organ during sexual activity. Due to the increased blood flow, the hard-on lasts longer helping people to gain the maximum pleasure out of the activity. This drug has come as a saving grace to help thousands of males worldwide who suffer terribly from various syndromes like inferiority complex, fear of performance, lack of self-confidence, mental trauma at not being able to satisfy the partner adequately, depression, etc. All these and more are prevented by the use of this drug. It should be noted that sildenafil does not increase the sexual drive but it helps the users to prolong their erections during sexual intercourse.

There are also valid reports to suggest that this drug aids adequate blood circulation. This helps lower the blood pressure and causes a relaxing effect to the user. As per one study conducted by a pharmaceutical giant, who also manufacture sildenafil, there was a significant reduction in the blood pressure levels of individuals who consumed the drug. The results showed a decrease after 1-2 hours after consumption. Timing is very important when consuming this drug for maximum benefits. Typically, it should be taken about an hour prior to the sexual activity. It can be taken with or without food; however intake of the drug with fatty food is not advised as it may cause a decrease in its efficacy. The most important direction is that it should be taken more than once in a day.

There are additional benefits too. It is widely used by males alone but recently these drugs are increasingly being prescribed for the female population too. Consumption of this drug helps in achieving a satisfying sex. This is applicable to both genders. Some recent studies have shown that this drug helps in increasing the fertility of consumers thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is also believed to aid the normal functioning of the heart and lungs reducing the risk of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Recently a group of researchers based in Iceland have concluded that a specific gene that plays a major role in blood vessels growth that increases stroke risks. Viagra is believed to potentially block the gene effectively reducing the risk to a great extent.