Myths surrounding Cialis Soft Tabs

Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Many myths are associated with this drug. Common myths; it induces erection, causes permanent erection, it protects against sexually transmitted diseases, it is an aphrodisiac, it is a hormone and that can cure ED. Proper knowledge is required to clear these myths.

Cialis is a form of generic Viagra. It has flooded the market of late. Erectile dysfunction is the reason why people use this drug. The route of administration is sub-lingual. Hence, it is considered to be more effective than branded counterparts. There is a good consumption of this drug among the masses. Typically a generic drug is less expensive to the branded ones by 20% to 80%. Hence, there is always a market for drugs to treat this medical condition. Since the topic itself is very sensitive, many myths have arisen associated with the drug.

Myths busted

People always tend to come up with quite a few irrational assumptions concerning sensitive drugs; for a condition like erectile dysfunction, obviously false misconceptions galore. Most of these are natured by hearsay. One user experiences a certain abnormality after consuming a drug. This may or may not be related to the drug. However this information spreads like wildfire among common users and thus, a myth is created. Most of these are formed by non-medical group of the patient population. Every drug comes into the market after going through a series of testing evaluating the safety and efficacy aspects. These systematic studies are called clinical trials. The results and inferences drawn from these studies are important to clear off the myths.

The most common myth is that the soft tab induces an erection. This is grossly untrue. Normal excitement or stimulation is the only way to obtain it. This drug only helps to maintain it for a longer duration. This ignorance has been the root of many assumptions. Another popular tale is that the drug gives a permanent erection. Fundamentally, an erection cannot be permanent. This is humanly impossible. Basically what is intended here is to say that the effects of the soft tabs can last for about 3-4 hours. So it is actually a prolongation of the erection. Post the normal intercourse, the organ will return to its placid state.

The most dangerous myth is that these tabs prevent diseases that are transmitted sexually. Terrible falsehood! The performance drug has nothing to do with protection of any sort from sexually transmitted diseases or from pregnancies. Both partners should use the appropriate precautionary measures. The next in line is that this tab is a hormone. Incorrectly understood again, this is a treatment drug and not a hormone.

Other popular myths surrounding the drug are that it is aphrodisiac in nature. This is again wrong. The drug does not induce or increase sexual desire. All it does is only prolongs the erection. Further it should be noted that it is a treatment and not a cure for erectile dysfunction. This product is also manufactured under strict controls by qualified staff just as any other branded drug so this should be treated as a substitute that is available cheaply. Finally, Cialis Soft is a sub-lingual meaning it should be placed under the tongue for best results. Its action depletes significantly when it is consumed with any liquid.