Some Myths and Facts about Cialis

Cialis is a famous drug which is used in the treatment of male impotency, PAH and BPH. It is the best treatment available for improving sexual stamina. However, the drug goes hand in hand with myths and illogical beliefs of various kinds. This article will outline and clear off all the popular myths which are prevalent about the drug and will present the actual facts.

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Cialis (generic name ‘Tadalafil’) is a drug which is popular all across the globe for its capabilities of treating male impotency (erectile dysfunction), pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The drug also improves sexual stamina and imparts a controlled ejaculation. The drug is manufactured and sold globally by ICOS and Eli Lilly Corporation – a FDA approved pharmaceutical company. However, the drug is often surrounded by numerous myths and mis-beliefs. Some such myths are busted below:-

Myths Related to Tadalafil

Myth 1: Tadalafil has aphrodisiacal properties and can be used as an aphrodisiac.
Reality: Tadalafil is not absolutely an aphrodisiac drug. It is a drug which can be really very useful in treating erectile dysfunction and related disorders in males.

Explanation: People often think that consuming Tadalafil can boost their sexual stamina and overall performance in bed. While this may be true to some extent, it isn’t the entire fact about the drug. Tadalafil by no means is supposed to be consumed as an aphrodisiac. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then even the drug won’t be able to transform you into a charged up sexual superman. Tadalafil is used worldwide in the treatment processes of erectile dysfunctions and uncontrolled ejaculation. Remember that the drug does not help you gain a firm and lasting erection, it only helps in treating those who can’t attain the same.

Myth 2: Tadalafil helps you last long.
Reality: Tadalafil can’t help you last long on its own.

Explanation: People often think that it is the drug that helps them last long in bed but in reality, the drug can’t do it all alone on its own. The drug only acts as a catalyst. There has to be some enticing factor which can keep you on. The drug only backs you up in case you need more horsepower for a super-performance.

Myth 3: Tadalafil causes sexual stimulation.
Reality: Tadalafil comes into play when you get sexually stimulated.

Explanation: It’s not the drug that stimulates you and sets you up for a sexual act. In fact, it is the external factors that stimulate you. In the absence of these external factors, even the drug is ineffective. You too will have to play your part well as it’s all about a joint effort. The external factors basically include a whole range of tempting activities performed by your sex partner.

Myth 4: Tadalafil boosts morale for a sexual activity.
Reality: Tadalafil helps men gain physical impetus.

Explanation: Though a sexual act may have some sort of mental merger involved, Tadalafil is all about physical activities. The drug has nothing to do with the mental status of males. The drug improves male sexuality by imparting physical impetus and stamina. However, one may claim that the drug boosts morale indirectly – the drug helps in gaining an efficient erection which in turn enthralls the males. Yet, Tadalafil has nothing to do with boosting morale in case of sexually regressive and repressive males.

Myth 5: Tadalafil averts and fights STD’s.
Reality: Tadalafil cannot avert STD’s and it is not a drug to treat STD’s.

Explanation: There’s no answer to where this thought came from. Cialis helps in treating erectile dysfunction and male impotency. It is not at all a drug to fight off Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). However, reckless dosage of the drug can cause unwanted bodily side-effects and even some life-threatening disorders.