Cialis is one of the leading treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Cialis is one of the leading treatments for erectile dysfunction. There are many benefits of this drug. It is very cost effective and has no major side effects. Rather a lot of benefits can be derived from the drug. It helps treat hypertension, increases testosterone, aids cardio-vascular health and also is a anti-depressant.


Many men across the globe suffer from an embarrassing medical condition called erectile dysfunction (ED). Some people refer it as sexual dysfunction. It is common to suffer from ED after the age of 40 but the scenario is different nowadays. Youngsters who are just 25 years are beginning to experience ED. Cialis is one of the best available treatments for ED. This drug has a better prescription rate in the market due to its innumerable positive effects. Most users of this drug have found it to be extremely efficacious and impressive. Ease of use and cheaper costs makes it a hit amongst users.


Benefits of this drug

First and foremost is the benefit of cost. This drug allows a man to enjoy the same performance level of many other drugs in the market for a very low cost compared to its competitors. It fits well into your monthly budget. When compared with its competitors, this pill definitely is a better cost-effective option. Most of the other drugs used in the treatment of ED are priced many times higher. The second most heartening benefit is that there are literally no side-effects present. Most of the drugs treating ED are prone to some adverse effects. Even when taken daily, the low dosage pill is devoid of any negative side effects. The main reason behind this is that the drug causes a gentle increase in the rate of blood flow and treats ED symptoms more effectively. Most competitors are known to have side effects like increased heart rate, elevated or sudden dropping of blood pressure, shortness of breath, over-dependence, etc. The other benefits are largely physiological. The pill increase adequate blood flow to the penis to maintain the erection for a longer duration. One study reflected that this pill induced desirable endothelial and cardio-vascular changes over a 4 week dosing period.


The next positive effect includes the decrease in arteries blockage. The blood arteries can get blocked due to increase plaque that tends to build up over a period of time. This is a boon to those suffering from various related conditions. Though not proven with supporting studies, the science of understanding believes this wonder pill to improve the important cardio-vascular disease markers. Another important benefit is the increase in the levels of testosterone significantly. This increase is always welcome to the male population. This erection enhancer will also treat hypertension by reducing the blood pressure. Though not dramatically effective, it still helps.


Psychologically it gave the users a ‘better feeling’ after sex and promoted intimacy. The refractory period (time taken to obtain a second erection after ejaculation) is also greatly reduced by using Cialis. So now the second session is made possible even more quickly. ED is a depressing disease. Men can feel low when suffering frequently from ED. This drug is also believed to be effective as an anti-depressant. Hence this pill scores greatly over all its current competitors in safety, equals them in efficacy and surpasses them in additional benefits.