How to Take Cialis the Right Way and Importance of Consulting Your Physician

Cialis is the best panacea for male erectile dysfunction with minimal side-effects and long lasting effects. It is vital to consult your doctor before taking these pills. Only he can advise on the right dosage and whether other illnesses can pose trouble. One should take these tablets the right way for best results.

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Cialis is the most effective cure the market has for male erectile dysfunction. Compared to the other similar tablets these are more long lasting and has minimal side-effects. It can also be taken even if one is suffering from ailments like blood pressure, prostate gland, and cholesterol. However it is important to consult your physician before you start off with these pills. Although it is safe to assume that it is just fine to have these tablets even with the aforementioned illnesses, only your doctor can best advice on this.

These pills work in accordance with your individual body specifications. This is why it is important to get a doctor’s prescription before you embark on these tablets. Only a qualified physician will be able to ascertain the exact dosage of these pills that your body would require. Detail your entire medical history as well as the whole list of medications you are on, if any. This will help your doctor judge whether there can be any reactions with these drugs while consuming these pills. The physician can also attest as to whether your body is free from any other ailments that would work in conjunction with the drug. Nitrate drugs used in the cure of heart or chest problems don’t mix well with these tablets. Those who intake such medications are to consult their physician. If one experiences dizziness or nausea during sexual intercourse also, he should check with his doctor. As indicated earlier side-effects are very minimal and only a minority of users has reported them. However if you encounter any side-effects, report them to your physician immediately. Driving or performing other physically exertive actions should also be done under the guidance of your doctor. Those undergoing hemodialysis for kidney dysfunction and those suffering from kidney ailments should also consult their doctor before taking these pills. The physician can increase the dosage keeping effectiveness and tolerability in mind. Do not alter the dosage or stop taking the pills without informing your doctor.


The Right Way to Consume these Pills

Cialis online can be had with or without food. Do not consume these pills immediately after having food. Take these tablets half an hour before embarking on the sexual act. Normally within thirty minutes of intake, these pills will start to show their effect. They have a very long effect of up to thirty six hours earning them the nickname of weekend pill. So it is not necessary to consume them more than once in a day. Directions of use will be clearly printed on the label. Follow them religiously. Swallow the pills whole without breaking or splitting them. In case of a daily dosage, take care to consume these tablets at the same time daily. Store them at room temperature; ensure that they are kept away from heat, moisture and light. Do not overindulge in alcohol before taking this medication. Keep a gap of a minimum of twenty four hours between pill intakes. Women and children should not take these pills.