Cialis is one of the drugs used

Cialis is one of the drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction .  It is a type of medication that should only be used under medical supervision.  It has changed the lives of many men that suffered from the ill effects of erectile dysfunction.

Cialis is a type of medication belonging to the phosphodiesterase-PDE5 class of drugs that is used in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.  It is also used to treat some of the symptoms that is found in benign prostatic hypertrophy a condition also found in men where there is an enlargement of the prostate gland.  Here are some of the most essential information you should learn about this drug.

How does the drug work?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in the drug.  It inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase in order to relax muscles in certain parts of the body and thereby also increases good blood flow particularly to the penis.  The result is that the user is able to easily achieve erections as well as sustain it in order to perform the sexual act fully.  Tadalafil is taken orally by mouth and it is usually recommended to take it at least fifteen to thirty minutes prior to an anticipated sexual encounter in order to enjoy its effects to the fullest.  The drug’s potency can last for a period of thirty-six hours.  This is the main reason why it has earned the nickname of the “weekend pill” as users can simply pop one tablet and enjoy a fulfilling romantic weekend with their partner without having the trouble of taking the pill numerous times like in other similar erectile dysfunction drugs.  It is important to note that it is not meant to be a cure for ED but rather it can effectively relieve its symptoms.

Users that have cardiovascular problems and are taking nitrate drugs are contraindicated from taking this medication as it can cause problems with their medications. Users are also advised to seek emergency medical supervision if at any time during the sexual act while on this medication they experience chest pains, numbing or tingling as well as any dizziness.

There are many benefits to users from taking this medication.  For one it has successfully given new hope to many men from different parts of the world to have fulfilling sex lives again with their partners.  Moreover, a lot of marriages have also been saved because of this medication, as husbands are now able to satisfy their wives more.  A lot of men have also reported that they have regained confidence in bed as well as their overall self-esteem when it comes to their sex lives.  Not only do they feel inadequate no more but also it has renewed their vigor to enjoy life even better.

Another benefit of using this drug is the fact that it is so convenient to use due to its long lasting effects, users do not have to bother themselves about thinking if the effect is going to last.  They can basically forget their worries for 36 hours and enjoy more quality time with their partners.

When taking Cialis it is very important to get the advice of your physician in order to determine whether or not it is safe for you to use this drug.  It is also recommended to only use the prescribed dosage and never ever take an extra dose in the span of twenty-four hours.