How Viagra can Work for You

If you are a man who is currently struggling with erectile dysfunction, then you must know how Viagra can help and work for you.

If you are a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, this can really be a big problem. This is especially true for some who experience it on a young age. With this problem, the dreams of having children and having a healthy and happy relationship with a wife or a significant can be at risk. This can also cause a lot of problem for the self-esteem of the man who is suffering from it. Thousands of men suffer from the same yearly, and all of them are bothered with it and are not happy with what they are experiencing. If you are one of them, don’t fret though because there is still hope. There is a little blue pill that has been invented in order to address the needs of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and it’s more commonly known as Viagra which some even consider as a wonder drug because of the help it gives t men all over the world.

Facts about the Drug

This drug has certain inhibitors that help in enhancing a man’s erectile response. This is very much useful during times wherein sexual stimulation is encountered. Its other names are Sildenafil and PDE-5. It is now sold in the market and is easily accessible for most men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. But it must be noted that one should still consult with a doctor first just to be ensured that the drug is safe for him. It can also be bought in different dosages from 25 mg, to 50 mg, and the highest dosage is 100mg. The dosages may vary per person because some react on lower dosages while some need higher dosages in order for it to actually take effect.

It must be noted that the drug will only also help if a man is sexually stimulated. It will not, in any way, aid in arousing a person. In this case, once needed and taken the drug will help blood flow more freely on one’s erectile tissue and aid for it to have an erection. It thus maintains the levels of enzymes needed for it to be maintained in such a way. It must be noted though that it will not aid the psychological factor of erectile dysfunction. Once the brain does not signal any arousal at all, one might have an erection without the actual arousal needed. It will take about an hour for the drug to work depending on the food intake you have had prior to it. For most men, its effects last for six hours maximum. Lastly for side effects of Viagra, the common ones are blue tint vision which is the most common but is really nothing big to worry about next are headaches and stuffy nose. It is also advised to ask a doctor first before taking it in order to intake the right amount of dosage and to see if you are fit to take it in the first place. This will assure your safety and health in the first place.