Gone are the days when sexual impotence was considered as a social taboo

Gone are the days when sexual impotence was considered as a social taboo. Most of the men would not even open the mouth or seek medical help. The introduction of Viagra has eliminated the social taboo associated with erectile dysfunction to an extent.


Erectile dysfunction is one of the major causes of sexual worries in most of the men. Erectile dysfunction is the condition where the penis of the person involved in the sexual act does not get erected which is necessary to be sexually gratified. Viagra offer a solution to the condition called erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be cause by various reasons such as age catching up, medical condition due to some accidents or illness in young people or psychological condition. Whatever be the reason impotency among male is very serious condition hampering their self-esteem to a large extent.


No More Sleepless Nights


The drug when administrated properly, increases the blood flow to the penis by the arteries becoming large and the veins in the penis that pumps the blood back is compressed. The blood flow is restricted enabling the blood to be retained in the penis for a longer time and resulting in an enlarged penis. The drug also increases the stamina and instant recharge.

The drug should be administrated ideally one hour before the sexual activity or in the worst case 30 minutes before. The drug requires 30-45 minutes to take its effects. The result of the drug lasts up to four hours. Also, care should be taken that the person consuming the drug should not take heavy meal full of fat, because it hampers the effect of the drug to a small extent. The drug should never be consumed by women or kids since it is potentially dangerous owing the unique physique they have. Never be under the impression that the drug is a hormone or aphrodisiac, which is usually the myth associated. Most of the men who consume the drug believe that the drug works almost instantly without any stimulation. It cannot work unless there is sexual encouragement that gets the person consuming the drug excited, for sex is about the expression of love not just any mechanical task.

It is advisable to consult a physician before starting to consume the pill. He will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and can write a prescription for the same. You can always get the drug from your neighborhood pharmacy on producing the prescription. If you would like to keep your problem under cover you can always resort to online vendors, fill the online application on their websites and get the online prescription. This is one easy way to get the drug without much effort.

You should be extremely careful while relying on online vendors. There are umpteen numbers of vendors who offer you cheaper drugs in place of the original and cheating you off your precious money. Make sure the website of the vendor is educative about the latest happenings in the medical research on impotency drugs, instructive about the drug administration.

If chosen, wisely buying the drug online offers you with many discounts and you can choose the vendor who offers the drug at the least price. This can save you quiet a big amount. Erectile dysfunction is still considered an unmentionable condition in our society which is quiet orthodox when it comes to sexual incapacities. The invention of Generic Viagra has made the world aware of the condition and the fact that it is a perfectly curable condition. This is in fact an ego booster to millions of men who had been suffering the erectile dysfunction.