Viagra: How Does It Work?

Viagra is considered a miracle drug by many for the great work it does. There are various reasons why a person needs this drug and its effectiveness is well known. A person with good health and a healthy lifestyle can benefit from this medicine.

Originally called ‘Sildenafil citrate’ and FDA approved in 1998, Viagra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction This is a common condition for men, though it can be a source for much embarrassment and discomfort for them. There are different types of drugs in the market which claim to do the same work as this drug. However, none have the same level of effectiveness and user satisfaction. Men have used this drug all around the world and speak about the effectiveness of using this medicine.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition for men over the age of 45. It affects the ability to gain an erection and then to maintain it. The situation is made worse by any normal drugs or medicines a person is taking for normal health related issues. This combined acts as a cause for erectile dysfunction. There are, however, various other reasons for a person to suffer from this condition. People who are diabetic, who suffer from neurological conditions or even due to psychological issues all suffer from the same condition.

There are various method of treating this condition and they range from exercise, medication to surgery in extreme cases. The safest option is to have this drug as it affects the arterial walls of the penis which affect how long it remains erect. There are various other drugs which try to modify the hormones of a body to allow for a longer erection. However the method used with this is one of the best and safest.

However, there are some side-effects which occur in some people that can be controlled and don’t post a great risk to a person’s health. Consumption of this drug can affect the ability of differentiating between blues and greens. It may also cause a headache is some cases. It is important to check with your doctor if it is safe to consume with your other medication or there is a risk of heart attacks.

How does this work?

When a man gets sexually aroused, his brain directs blood flow the arteries in his penis. Pressurized blood is released and held in the penis for the duration required. This causes the same to harden during arousal and sex. After the same, the blood dissipates and the penis softens. However, with erectile dysfunction, the blood flow to the various arteries is blocked for various reasons making it difficult to achieve an erection. It contains a drug called phentolamine which relaxes the arterial walls and allows blood to flow and reach the desired level of pressure for an erection. This is usually done by a naturally occurring enzyme called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which is deactivated by another natural enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE5) which only affects the penis. By eliminating the PED5, this drug allows the cGMP to build up in the penis which affects the arterial walls. Viagra stops or reduces the production of PED5 and this allows a person to achieve erection with no issues and eventually the effect wares off naturally.