Benefits Offered By Viagra

Viagra (trade name for Sildenafil Citrate) is the drug popular worldwide as the best and the most effective cure for impotency i.e. erectile dysfunction. The drug is manufactured by Pfizer and comes with many benefits. Apart from treating impotency, Sildenafil Citrate is also helpful in improving the overall sexual stamina in men. The drug improves penile erection and enhances sexual stimulation. Men also witness a much better and controlled ejaculation.

Viagra is the commercial (trade) name of the drug called ‘Sildenafil Citrate’. In some countries, the drug is also sold under the trade names of Revatio and Sildenafil. It is one of the most popular drugs ever known to the world. Probably there won’t be any American adult who does not know or has not heard about this drug ever. Sildenafil Citrate is best known in the medical world as the most effective treatment for impotency in men. Millions of men worldwide have opted for Sildenafil Citrate to treat their erectile dysfunction. The drug is also known to enhance sexual stimulation and stamina. The overall staying power increases along with a controlled ejaculation. The drug is produced by a FDA approved pharmaceutical company named Pfizer.

Advantages of Sildenafil Citrate

When it comes to the benefits offered by Sildenafil Citrate, the list turns out to be a pretty long one. However, some of the most important and highly acclaimed benefits of the drug are as follows:-

1) Impotency treatment:

Did you often wonder why men buy and consume Sildenafil Citrate? Well, the simple answer to that is to get relief from impotency i.e. erectile dysfunction. Impotency can be due to both psychogenetic and medical reasons. Sildenafil Citrate has shown amazing capabilities of curing impotency with optimum efficiency. It treats erectile dysfunction and causes commendable erection. The drug actuates nitric oxide discharge in the body causing the muscles to relax and increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This ultimately results in a better erection.

2) Improved sexual stimulation:

The drug enhances erection along with a highly triggered sexual arousal. The overall reaction to a sexual stimulation or foreplay is highly enhanced and is sparked off in no time. The real reason behind that is the drug. With enhanced sexual stimulation comes great sexual pleasure too. No wonder men trust Sildenafil Citrate so much.

3) Enhances sexual stamina:

Sildenafil Citrate is also very effective in improving sexual stamina in men. In short, the drug improves the overall staying power of men so that they can last longer in the bed. Hence, the drug plays a great role in enhancing their sexual life and imparts a great sexual pleasure.

4) Controlled ejaculation:

A controlled ejaculation is the direct outcome that men experience after their erectile dysfunction (impotency) gets cured. Controlled ejaculation is a positive symptom of the disappearance of impotency. A better sexual experience is nothing without a perfect and timely ejaculation. Sildenafil Citrate makes sure that the ejaculation takes place at the right time and in a controlled manner.

Before purchasing Sildenafil Citrate, it is also very important to take a note of its side-effects too. Sometimes, the drug may cause some minor and non-scary side-effects like hypotension, sneezing, headache, prolonged erections, and stomach ache. These side-effects are temporary and can be easily cured by consulting a doctor immediately.

Viagra is available in the form of pills of three strength levels – 25, 50 and 100 milligrams. The strength of the pills is also inscribed as “VGR xx” wherein “xx” stands for “25”, “50” or “100” milligrams. The pills are diamond-shaped and blue colored with “Pfizer” engraved on both sides. It is important that you know your strength and handling capacity well before opting for any of the strength levels. The drug should be consumed daily about 30-180 minutes before having sexual intercourse.

Viagra: Myths and Reality

Viagra is a famous drug which is used in the treatment procedures of male impotency. It is the best treatment available for erectile dysfunction. However, the drug goes hand in hand with myths and illogical beliefs of various kinds. This article will outline and clear off all the popular myths which are prevalent about the drug and will present forward the actual facts.

Viagra (generic name ‘Sildenafil Citrate’) is a drug which is popular all across the globe for its capabilities of treating male impotency i.e. erectile dysfunction. The drug is manufactured by Pfizer – a FDA approved pharmaceutical company. The drug is surrounded by numerous myths and misbeliefs and some of them are mentioned below:

Myths related to Sildenafil Citrate:

Myth 1: Sildenafil Citrate has aphrodisiacal properties and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Reality: Sildenafil Citrate is not absolutely an aphrodisiac drug. It is a drug which can be really very useful in treating erectile dysfunction and related disorders in males.

Explanation: People often think that consuming Sildenafil Citrate can boost their sexual stamina and overall performance on the bed. While this may be true to some extent but it isn’t the entire fact about the drug. Sildenafil by no means is supposed to be consumed as an aphrodisiac. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then even the drug won’t be able to transform you into a charged up sexual superman. Sildenafil Citrate is used worldwide in the treatment processes of erectile dysfunctions and uncontrolled ejaculation. Remember that the drug does not help you gain a firm and lasting erection, it only helps in treating those who can’t attain such a boner.

Myth 2: Sildenafil Citrate helps you last long.

Reality: Sildenafil Citrate can’t help you last long on its own.

Explanation: People often think that it is the drug that helps them last long on the bed but in reality, the drug can’t do it all alone on its own. The drug only acts as a catalyst. There has to be some enticing factor which can keep you on. The drug only backs you up in case you need more horsepower for a super-performance.

Myth 3: Sildenafil Citrate causes sexual stimulation.

Reality: Sildenafil Citrate comes into play when you get sexually stimulated.

Explanation: It’s not the drug that stimulates you and sets you up for a sexual act. In fact, it is the external factors that stimulate you. In the absence of these external factors, even the drug is ineffective. You too will have to play your part well as it’s all about a joint effort. The external factors basically include a whole range of tempting activities performed by your sex partner.

Myth 4: Sildenafil Citrate boosts morale for a sexual activity.

Reality: Sildenafil Citrate helps male gain physical impetus.

Explanation: Though a sexual act may have some sort of mental merger involved, Sildenafil Citrate is all about physical activities. The drug has nothing to do with the mental status of males. The drug improves male sexuality by imparting physical impetus and stamina. However, one may claim that the drug boosts morale indirectly – the drug helps in gaining an efficient erection which in turn enthralls the males. Yet, Sildenafil Citrate has nothing to do with boosting morale in case of sexually regressive and repressive males.

Myth 5: Sildenafil Citrate averts pregnancies and fights STD’s.

Reality: Sildenafil Citrate cannot avert pregnancy and is not a drug to treat STD’s.

Explanation: There’s no answer to where this thought came from. Viagra helps in treating erectile dysfunctions and male impotency. It is not at all an anti-pregnancy pill or a drug to fight off Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). However, reckless dosage of the drug can cause unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

How does Cialis Stimulate and Enhance Erections?

Cialis helps men get rid of their erectile dysfunction (impotency) completely. The drug improves the discharges of nitric oxide based compounds in the bloodstream which in turn relaxes the penile muscles. As a result, the blood vessels present in the penis become fully functional and the flow of blood to the penis increases significantly. This in turn helps males gain a perfect and lasting erection.

Cialis, the trade name for the generic drug – Tadalafil, is manufactured by the reputed FDA approved pharmaceutical company named – ICOS and Eli Lilly Corporation. The drug comes loaded with numerous benefits out of which, the ability to cure impotency in males is its USP.

How Tadalafil rectifies erection related disorders?

Tadalafil has come in as a boon for those males worldwide who have a wiener penis and are not able to attain a perfect boner. In simple words, such an erection related disorder is termed as impotency and Tadalafil is one of the best drugs to fight it off effectively. Interestingly, there won’t be any adult male in this planet who hasn’t heard or doesn’t know about the drug. Tadalafil is FDA approved and is the favorite of the doctors worldwide as an effective cure for impotency in males. But the prime question arises – How Tadalafil cures impotency and helps in attaining a perfect erection? What is the reason behind the drug being so effective? Well, the answer lies below:-

As already mentioned above, Tadalafil dosage is advised by doctors for a quick and sound recovery from impotency. The dosage instructions for the drug are very strict and the drug should be consumed regularly on a daily basis. When consumed regularly as per the correct dosage strengths, the drug will start yielding its positive results. The drug will begin with regulating the discharges of several nitric oxide based compounds in the bloodstream. The drug also improves and rectifies the discharges of these nitric oxide based compounds to a certain extent. These compounds are then directed towards the penis through the bloodstream.  The compounds play a great role in relaxing the sensitive muscular tissues present all around the penis. Upon proper relaxation, the energized muscular tissues make sure that the blood vessels present in the penile region get completely opened up and start functioning properly.

The actual cause of impotency and the inability to gain proper erection is the inadequate flow of blood to the penile muscles through the blood vessels. After the blood vessels become normal, the flow of blood to the penile muscles and tissues increases significantly. And with an enhanced blood flow, a superior erection can be easily witnessed. Thus, Tadalafil treat impotency and helps in attaining a much better erection. Better yet, the results yielded by the drug are permanent and irreversible. It is also very fascinating that the drug delivers what it promises to without even causing any major, severe or life-threatening side effects.

The benefits of Tadalafil aren’t just limited to this. There are many other benefits in offering. The drug has shown immense capabilities of effectively treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) in males. The drug improves your sexual stamina and provides you with the much required horsepower to last for a really long duration on the bed. After a regular consumption of the drug, you can easily begin experiencing a boost in your overall sexual stamina. Furthermore, the drug is also very effective in sexually stimulating you which in turn helps you in gaining a firm erection. Another major benefit of Cialis is that it helps males gain a better control over their ejaculation. The drug facilitates a controlled ejaculation which is perfectly timed too.

Tips to Buy Cialis Online

To buy Cialis online safely, ensure that the store is reputed. Read through its customer reviews and contact the concerned personnel using the details provided on the site to assure yourself of its commitment. Check if the drug sold is FDA-approved. Also, compare prices at different sites so that you may avail of the best buy. Ideally, buy only from those sites that offer the drug strictly under prescription.

With men suffering from impotency becoming less shy about their problem, they are now open to discussing their condition with doctors and buying the concerned medications. This is why you will find many pharmacies, be they online or offline, stocking erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis on their shelves nowadays. The good news for those looking to purchase this ED drug is that they have a wide choice when it comes to the type of the drug they want. There are the branded ones that assure you of quality and then there are the generic pills that are just as good with respect to safety and efficacy and additionally are cheaper than the former.

Indeed, the choice of ED drug purchase even extends to the purchase mode. You can opt to buy the drug offline or go the internet way via the umpteen websites selling it online. Considering the sensitive nature of problem, the online method of buying the pink pill in many ways seems like a better option. Not only does this method afford you privacy, but it also gives you a better buy since these drugs are almost always available at costs that are lower than that found in the regular stores. For these reasons if you also wish to purchase the pink pill online, here are some tips that you should follow.

How You Can Buy the Pink Pill Online

It is true that there are several sites selling this ED drug online; however you should know that among the many legitimate online stores, there are some illegitimate ones that are looking to sell fake drugs at cheap prices just to dupe you of your money. It is these sites that you must be wary of when you plan to purchase the ED drug online for which searching for a reputed web-based store becomes a must.

The best way to buy the pink pill on the internet is by making a wide and thorough search. This will not only let you weed out the reliable ones from those that are not genuine but will also give you an opportunity to compare prices at various sites. This way you will able to judge the average cost of the pill which will in turn help you avoid those that are unbelievably cheap. Remember that while being able to obtain the drug at very low prices is good, if the cost of the pill is too low to be true, then it is also most likely to be fake.

To check if the online shop is reputed or not, read through its customer reviews. Also, use the contact details provided on the site to personally communicate with the concerned personnel. This will help you assess how customer-friendly the site is which is important when you are to transact with it time and again. Also, see if the drug sold is FDA-approved and is given only under prescription. Finally, buy small orders in the beginning so that you may be satisfied of drug quality with minimum expenditure.

Gone are the days when sexual impotence was considered as a social taboo

Gone are the days when sexual impotence was considered as a social taboo. Most of the men would not even open the mouth or seek medical help. The introduction of Viagra has eliminated the social taboo associated with erectile dysfunction to an extent.


Erectile dysfunction is one of the major causes of sexual worries in most of the men. Erectile dysfunction is the condition where the penis of the person involved in the sexual act does not get erected which is necessary to be sexually gratified. Viagra offer a solution to the condition called erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be cause by various reasons such as age catching up, medical condition due to some accidents or illness in young people or psychological condition. Whatever be the reason impotency among male is very serious condition hampering their self-esteem to a large extent.


No More Sleepless Nights


The drug when administrated properly, increases the blood flow to the penis by the arteries becoming large and the veins in the penis that pumps the blood back is compressed. The blood flow is restricted enabling the blood to be retained in the penis for a longer time and resulting in an enlarged penis. The drug also increases the stamina and instant recharge.

The drug should be administrated ideally one hour before the sexual activity or in the worst case 30 minutes before. The drug requires 30-45 minutes to take its effects. The result of the drug lasts up to four hours. Also, care should be taken that the person consuming the drug should not take heavy meal full of fat, because it hampers the effect of the drug to a small extent. The drug should never be consumed by women or kids since it is potentially dangerous owing the unique physique they have. Never be under the impression that the drug is a hormone or aphrodisiac, which is usually the myth associated. Most of the men who consume the drug believe that the drug works almost instantly without any stimulation. It cannot work unless there is sexual encouragement that gets the person consuming the drug excited, for sex is about the expression of love not just any mechanical task.

It is advisable to consult a physician before starting to consume the pill. He will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and can write a prescription for the same. You can always get the drug from your neighborhood pharmacy on producing the prescription. If you would like to keep your problem under cover you can always resort to online vendors, fill the online application on their websites and get the online prescription. This is one easy way to get the drug without much effort.

You should be extremely careful while relying on online vendors. There are umpteen numbers of vendors who offer you cheaper drugs in place of the original and cheating you off your precious money. Make sure the website of the vendor is educative about the latest happenings in the medical research on impotency drugs, instructive about the drug administration.

If chosen, wisely buying the drug online offers you with many discounts and you can choose the vendor who offers the drug at the least price. This can save you quiet a big amount. Erectile dysfunction is still considered an unmentionable condition in our society which is quiet orthodox when it comes to sexual incapacities. The invention of Generic Viagra has made the world aware of the condition and the fact that it is a perfectly curable condition. This is in fact an ego booster to millions of men who had been suffering the erectile dysfunction.

How to Achieve the Best Results with Cialis?

Cialis is a popular drug used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It belongs to the same category of other PDE – 5 inhibitor drugs like Viagra and Levitra. It is important to understand the precautions, dosage and the right method of using this medicine to avoid any potential side effects.

Cialis was introduced about 10 years ago to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. This drug is considered on the same lines of Viagra and Levitra and help men get stronger and longer erections. It contains an ingredient called Tadalafil, which actively helps in stimulating the chemicals responsible for producing and maintaining an erection in a male body. This medicine also aids in increasing flow of blood to prostate gland. It relieves a person from various urinary problems like weak urine flow, difficulty in passing urine or frequent and uncontrollable urination. Here is some more information about this pill.

How to Use ED Pills?

Any male in good health can use ED tablets. However this must be done under the supervision of your health practitioner. He will be able to guide you regarding the correct usage of this pill in accordance with your current health conditions. While buying the ED drug, you must confirm with the pharmacist that you are buying the right medicine. You should carefully read all the instructions and information mentioned in the leaflet attached with the medicine. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. This medicine is taken orally with or without having food.

You may be prescribed two ways of taking ED pills. The first option is to consume it one pill a day. The second option is to take it as and when required. However your doctor would be in the best position to inform you about the option suitable for you. The dosage of PDE – 5 inhibitor drug will depend on the frequency of your sexual activity and the purpose of taking it. For example, a 5mg tablet is recommended to treat enlarged prostate gland whereas 20 mg tablet is consumed as and when you feel the need for sexual stimulation.

The Tadalafil drug can have some side effects if taken without precautions. The best way to consume it is with a glass of water. If combined with alcohol or grapefruit juice, it can reduce blood pressure, make you feel giddy and impair your sexual performance. If you have blood pressure, kidney problems, liver disorders, cardiovascular diseases or any other major illness, you must first consult your doctor before using it. You should also avoid combining intake of ED pills with nitrate based drugs to avoid serious risks to your health. Please remember that this pill is meant only for men.

During the course of sexual activity, if you feel dizzy, numb or tingling pain in upper part of your body, then immediately call for a doctor. Similarly if erection lasts longer than four hours, it can cause damage to your sexual organ. Do not forget to seek medical help whenever you feel uncomfortable after consuming Cialis. Since this particular ED pill takes only 15 minutes to act and can have effects lasting for 36 hours, it is also known as weekend pill. However it is not a miracle drug, it only stimulates your body to indulge actively in sexual pleasure.