It is easy to buy Kamagra as well as to buy Viagra

In treatment of erectile dysfunction, Kamagra is quite new remedy, but it has recommended itself on the highest level. Now Kamagra is one of common remedies in treatment of erectile dysfunction due to full similarity with Viagra. Even active component that is called Sildenafil citrate and it is basic substance in Kamagra, and on the base of Sildenafil was created this drug. It is easy to buy Kamagra as well as to buy Viagra, but due to that remedy was created lately, effect of Kamagra is little bit stronger.

Action of Kamagra

Kamagra is one of the latest drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction. In spite that fact that recently it is being produced more and more drugs for treatment of this disease, Kamagra has been already tested, because of acting substance Sildenafil succeeds to recommend itself as safe and qualitative remedy.

Kamagra is also manifests its action by way of blood flown to penis. Work of Kamagra is based on natural response on arouse condition and sexual stimulation, that’s why Kamagra is not included to stimulators, it only increases erection.

Use of Kamagra

Kamagra is prescribed in all cases of sexual or erectile dysfunctions. Even the hardest stage of erectile dysfunction- impotency gives way to treatment by help of Kamagra.  Kamagra is needed to be used 30 minutes before beginning of sex taking only 1 pill. Average recommended dose of 100mg. Depending on reaction on treatment or correctness of dose, duration of Kamagra action will be different. Maximal action of Kamagra was marked as 24 hours.

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